Travel Marketing

Travel Marketing
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Travel Marketing has been operating in New Zealand since 1975 and under the current ownership of Donal and Joseph O'Sullivan since 1994.

Travel Marketing provides an extensive range of marketing services including representation, sales calls, distribution of product brochures, faxstreaming facility and reservations facility.

Travel Marketing provides excellent brochure distribution services on behalf of a wide variety of large and small companies including various National Tourism Organisations, Coach Tour Companies, Cruise Lines, Airlines and others.

Brochures are available for order over the Internet at

BrochureNet is one of the most widely used and frequently visited websites by travel agents nationwide. As a brochure ordering website it is easy to use, quick, accurate and traceable and backed up by a brochure fulfillment service second to none.

In addition, as each distribution client has their own unique brochure order page, it offers clients the ability to market their products on site via a variety of innovative methods including changing marketing messages, pictures, web links and downloadable pdf's.

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