Travel Marketing

Travel Marketing
Distribution Key Services

Travel Marketing provides a highly personalised distribution marketing service with a dedicated system of staff accountability for your product, active management with ongoing feedback on stock control, monitoring and reporting and a custom designed system management programme that can be adapted to the requirements of the distributor.

Travel Marketing Key Services Summary

  • Safe and confidential storage of brochures, display equipment and documentation material.

  • Management of bulk inwards goods delivery of brochures, monitoring stock, brochure requests and follow ups as necessary.

  • Distribution of brochures and fulfillment of orders to individual agencies, bulk deliveries and special requests at the most competitive costs.

  • I.T Compatibility; Our computerized systems will allow complete compatibility with most systems for Interface data capture of brochure movement and importing of statistical information.

  • Web Site; Will allow online ordering by travel agents with minimum and maximum order quantities, ability to denote urgency, request alternative delivery address (eg special promotion being held away from office) and a specific required by date. Marketing messages can be also be displayed on site. Links available to parent websites.

    eparate password protected page for Principals showing all stock held by Travel Marketing including stock not available for ordering by Travel Agents.

  • Reporting; stock reports, reports specific to agency chains, specific to geographical or sales territory areas. Can be custom designed to requirements. The system will produce textual, graphical and statistical lists in Excel, Word and other applications.

  • Consumers; We currently do consumer distribution for a number of our clients. You can link to our website and have consumer requests automatically forwarded to us for fulfilment. This can be particularly useful during specific marketing campaigns. Prices for consumer distribution are available on application.

  • Marketing Opportunities; Development of recommended bulk distribution strategies, website marketing and promotional opportunities.

  • Deliveries on demand of documentation stock.

  • Comprehensive monthly billing system with breakdowns as required by client.

  • Flyer distribution, including fax stream capability and competition/coupon fulfillments as necessary.

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